Now Accepting Speaker Submissions!

WordCamp Wilmington is currently accepting speaker submissions for WordCamp 2017!

Calll for Speakers WordCamp WilmingtonSeeking passionate individuals who wish to share their knowledge with the WordPress community. You don’t need to be famous or even a seasoned speaker. Designers, bloggers, developers, artists, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and educators–all encouraged to apply!

Talk Details:

    • Talks will be a total of 45 minutes, but expect to leave about 15 minutes for Q&A.
    • Talks will be on Saturday September 23rd & Sunday September 24th.
    • We plan to record all talks and post the videos to Speakers will need to sign an A/V release form prior to giving their presentation.
    • Speakers will be offered free admission to WordCamp Wilmington and be invited to the Speaker Dinner, but will not be otherwise compensated.

The deadline to submit your Speaker Application is 11:59pm, July 1st, 2017.  Applications received after that time/date will NOT be considered.

Why Should You Apply to Speak at WordCamp Wilmington 2017?

Passionate about WordPress? Have a success story to share? Always wanted to speak but just haven’t taken the plunge?  Didn’t get chosen last year? There are many reasons you might want to speak, here are a few reasons why we think you should speak…

Share your talent

You’re a whiz at stuff other people want to  learn.  You’re passionate about what you do and you have expertise in a niche area of WordPress. You have much to offer those who may be just entering your field or who are looking to expand their knowledge base. WordCamp is all about sharing knowledge and helping the WordPress community grow. Everyone started somewhere and this is a great way to pay it forward to the next generation of developers, designers, and general users.

Speaking Helps Develop Ideas More Clearly

It’s true. Much like writing a paper or report, you’ll sort through your ideas, research, scrutinize, ponder and make conclusions. If you thought you knew your topic well before, just wait and see how you feel when you’re done writing your talk. (We’re talking genius status).

Networking and Publicity

Attendees and fellow speakers will look to you as an industry leader. Speaking is a great way to make connections with potential clients, potential vendors or employees; or possibly connect with someone you may go on to collaborate with on your next project. You will receive publicity. Although this may not be a driving factor in becoming a speaker it certainly is a perk!  Potential clients, or potential employers may see you speak, see your name on the schedule, or see your talk on Your bio and a link to your business or portfolio will be on the website. Speaking at WordCamp gets your name out there.

Have a Blast!

If you’ve been a speaker at a past WordCamp, well, you already know. But, if you haven’t, speaking at WordCamp Wilmington provides an experience where you’ll meet awesome people from the WordPress community who may live right in your backyard. You can mingle and network at the speaker dinner and celebrate with them at the after party. You’ll also get to be a part of a volunteer run, community organized- Super Awesome Event.

Wilmington, North Carolina… Where’s That?

Wilmington, NC is located on the coastal Cape Fear region of North Carolina. If you’re unfamiliar with the North Carolina coast, it’s a very popular location for filming movies and TV shows (such as… Safe Haven, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Dawson’s Creek and One Tree Hill).

Michelle Dockery now filming second season of Good Behavior Wilmington North Carolina
Michelle Dockery (as Lady Mary Crawley of Downton Abbey) leads the second season of Good Behavior; currently filming in Wilmington, NC.

As a matter of fact, the speakers’ dinner will be held at a restaurant named Hell’s Kitchen. This is the actual restaurant of where Katie Holmes’ fictional character Joey (from Dawson’s Creek) worked and hung out. Hell’s Kitchen continues to look much like it did during the filming of Dawson’s Creek. This location was also used for One Tree Hill shoots as well.

Currently, the 2nd season of TNT’s Good Behavior (starring Michelle Dockery of Downton Abbey) is being filmed in Wilmington. So if you do decide to attend our WordCamp, don’t be surprised to see certain blocks of Downtown Wilmington blocked off for location shoots for this show or other productions.

So come on… Fine tune your ideas, submit that talk and enjoy all that comes with it!

Apply Now to Speak.